NOBI imports, markets Asian food products and kitchenware for home cooking and the professional kitchen. The company was established in 2010 after a thorough acquaintance with the Far East, Asian cuisine, and the different tastes, ingredients and cooking methods.

Our products are geared toward Europeans who are interested in teasing their taste buds with exotic flavors and cooking authentic Asian dishes with ease. We offer a wide variety products that are free of artificial food dyes and preservatives. We place high emphasis on product safety and on the use of quality raw materials, ingredients and processes.

NOBI has all you need for Asian-style food preparation in commercial and institutional kitchens, as well as for home-cooking enthusiasts. We market to leading supermarkets, health food stores, delicatessens and stores that specialize in Asian food. The company has storage facilities and a distribution channel that includes sales agents and drivers who deliver across Poland to the customer’s door.

We aim to make the complex flavors of Asian cuisine easy to prepare. NOBI products ensure authentic-tasting, restaurant-quality meals. We are constantly striving to renew and refresh our product range to promote and develop Asian cuisine and cooking styles.

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