Sushi ginger pink 1 kg

Sushi ginger 1 kg pink

Ingredients: ginger (66.517%), water (30.42%), salt (2.028%), acidity regulators: citric acid (E330) (0.17%), acetic acid (E260) (0.672%), preservative: (E202) (0.033%), flavor enhancer: (E621) (0.08%), sweeteners: (E951) (0.024%), (E955) (0.014%), (E954) (0.0138%), dye: (E163) (0.0275%).

Country of origin: China


Sushi ginger pink


1kg x 10bags/carton


Nutritional value in 100g of product:

energy value: 78kJ / 17.86kcal

fats: 0g

saturated Fat: 0g

carbohydrates: 3.57g

of which sugars: 0g

protein: 0g

salt: 6.66g

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