Kanpyo - gourd strips 1kg

Kanpyo – gourd strips 1kg

Ingredients: Gourd Strip 49.46%, Sugar 23.74%, Soy sauce (water, defatted soybean, wheat, salt, sugar, yest extract) 23.31%, Acetylated distarch adipate (E1422) 0.2%, Citric acid (E330) 0.05%, Water 3.24%.

Kanpyo Gourd strips:
1kg x 10 pcs./carton


Country of origin: China


Nutrition facts:

Type values per 100mg
Energy: 548kJ/131kcal
Protein: 2,56g
Fat: 0 g
of which saturates: 0g
Carbohydrate: 30,2 g
of which sugar: 23,19 g
Salt: 3,7g

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